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18 March 2014

Lumileds debuts first hot-color-targeted low-power emitter with 1/9th micro color binning

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA is introducing the LUXEON 3014 low-power emitter for linear and omnidirectional lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, refrigerator display lighting, troffers, TLEDs and retrofit bulbs. Delivered in a rectangular 3.0mm x 1.4mm x 0.7mm footprint, it is claimed to be the industry’s first low-power LED offered with the advantages of hot color targeting and a 1/9th micro binning structure.

“Traditionally, an LED that performs on a bin edge at room temperature would shift out of the specification at application temperatures, resulting in a different color for the fixture than was intended,” says product manager Michael Howley. Hot color targeting remedies this problem by targeting slightly above the black-body locus at room temperature. At application conditions, the color temperature remains within ANSI specifications.

The new 1/9th micro color binning structure enables tighter color control for a given application. “Designers can easily pair different bins to hit a 3/4/5 SDCM color point,” says Howley.

The LUXEON 3014 emitter can deliver 10-12 lumens of uniform light at a drive current of 30mA in neutral white and can be driven as high as 100mA to reach 33lm. “The LUXEON 3014 is offered in an industry-standard QFN package, allowing compatibility with leading manufacturers’ 3014 designs,” notes Howley.

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Visit: www.philipslumileds.com/LUXEON3014

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