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22 January 2014

ST launches first 650V SiC diodes with dual common-cathode or series configuration

STMicroelectronics of Geneva, Switzerland has launched dual-configuration Schottky silicon-carbide (SiC) diodes that are claimed to be the industry’s first such devices with a voltage rating of 650V per diode in a choice of common-cathode or series configurations, allowing use in interleaved or bridgeless power-factor correction (PFC) circuits.

SiC power semiconductors have inherently higher energy efficiency and ruggedness compared to ordinary silicon alternatives, says ST. The firm’s STPSC6/8/10TH13TI and STPSC8/12/16/20H065C devices (which have maximum average-current rating of 6A, 8A, 10A, or 8A, 12A, 16A and 20A, respectively) combine SiC performance advantages with the space savings and electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduction of dual integrated diodes. They are suitable for interleaved or bridgeless PFC (power factor correction) topologies that enhance the energy efficiency of equipment such as server and telecom power supplies, solar inverters or electric-vehicle charging stations.

ST diodesThe diodes eliminate energy losses due to reverse recovery at turn-off, thereby optimizing switching efficiency, and the 650V voltage rating provides increased safety margin against hazardous reverse-voltage spikes, says ST. In addition, ceramic isolation built into the package of the STPSCxxTH13TI devices simplifies attachment to an external heat-sink, allowing the removal of the usual external isolation.

The STPSC6TH13TI through STPSC10TH13TI (series configuration in insulated TO-220AB package) and STPSC8H065C through STPSC20H065C (common-cathode in standard TO-220AB package) are available, priced from $4.24 for orders of 1000 pieces. The STPSC20H065C is also available in a TO-247 package.

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