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29 January 2014

Cree launches brightest high-CRI LED module, delivering 6000 lumens

LED chip, lamp and lighting maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA claims that its new 6000 lumen LMH2 LED module is the industry’s brightest module to offer color quality greater than 90 CRI (color rendering index) at a consistent efficacy of 85 lumens per watt across a wide range of color temperatures (3000K, 3500K and 4000K). The LED module is suitable as a replacement for 100-watt ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps in high-ceiling applications, says Cree, as it uses 30% less power, lasts three times as long, and delivers instant-on, dimmable light.

“The need for high-CRI and high-lumen-output LED luminaires has been growing rapidly over the last year,” comments Larry Rosenwinkel, fixtures and specifications manager at Facilities Solutions Group (FSG). “We constantly have requests for these luminaires to be used in shopping malls, airports, convention centers and theaters,” he adds. “Before the introduction of the 6000 lumen Cree LMH2 LED module, there were no feasible LED solutions to light these spaces, but now we can specify LED light sources for these spaces.”

Cree claims that the LMH2 family of modules delivers the only light source that can address such a wide range of lighting applications in a common form factor. This allows lighting manufacturers to create an entire product portfolio with just one set of tooling and one optical design. Lighting products based on the LMH2 LED module also enable lighting designers to illuminate a space with one light source and technology, helping to eliminate the problems that come with using different lighting technologies such as color consistency and re-lamping, adds Cree.

“We have designs based on the 850, 1250, 2000, 3000 and 4000 lumen LMH2 LED modules,” comments said Wesley Johnson, director of national sales at Hi-Lite Manufacturing Company. “The 6000 lumen LMH2 will allow us to further expand the breadth of our products using the same form factor,” he adds. “Our customers will now have a full suite of LED pendant lights and wall-mounted fixtures with the same high CRI, same color and same warranty that allows them to address a variety of ceiling height applications.”

Lighting manufacturers looking to shorten the time to market for their luminaire design can also take advantage of Cree’s LMD600 universal driver, which is designed to power the new 6000 lumen LHM2. Dimmable to 1%, the LMD600 is optimized for a controllable, indoor architectural environment. It can also handle a case temperature of up to 90°C and it has a low-voltage limited-energy (LVLE) driver rating that does not require special enclosures or large gauge wires, delivering design flexibility and a low system cost for lighting manufacturers. Cree also offers a range of reflectors and heat sinks, as well as a splice box for the entire LMH2 LED module family.

The complete LMH2 module family is available in a range of lumens (850-6000) and color temperatures (2700-4000K), delivering efficacy up to 108lm/W and a CRI greater than 90. These lighting characteristics, combined with multiple driver options including Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and DALI touch dimming driver options, enable lighting manufacturers to expand their portfolio quickly and easily, says Cree. Designed for 50,000 hours of operation, the LMH2 module comes with Cree’s five-year warranty. The LMH2 is also UL-recognized and complies with multiple international regulatory and safety standards. Luminaire makers seeking ENERGY STAR qualification will have access to specification and performance data (including LM-80 reports), which can speed regulatory approvals.

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