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17 February 2014

Oerlikon Leybold launches TURBOVAC i range of pumps with integrated drive electronics

At the 2014 PITTCON Conference & Expo in Chicago (2–6 March), Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is presenting the new TURBOVAC i product line of turbo-molecular pumps with integrated drive electronics.

Through their additional compression stage, the TURBOVAC 350 i and 450 i are suited to ultra-high-vacuum applications and for integration within compact pump system solutions. Offering a pumping speed for light gases that is up to 60% above that of comparative products, it is claimed, and a compression level that is about 100 times higher compared with previous-generation products, the pumps were designed especially for processes with small backing pumps. Designed with classic rotors, the TURBOVAC T 350 i and T 450 i have high gas throughput, fast run-up time and insensitivity to particulates, and are therefore optimized for process applications and high gas loads.

The TURBOVAC 350-400 i Multi Inlet pumps have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of analytical instrumentation by offering an extremely high degree of flexibility and allowing the customization of the number, height and position of the vacuum connections. Additionally, there is the option of adapting the pump housing or customizing the pump to a specific vacuum chamber.

The new pumps have the best ratio between performance and size in the ISO 100- and 160-range, it is claimed. Rotors and Holweck stages have been optimized. “The result is excellent vacuum performance and a previously unattainable pumping speed. This accelerates pumping especially in connection with light gases,” says Dr Martin Füllenbach. The maintenance and oil-free hybrid bearings with lifetime lubrication are reliable and durable, making regular maintenance by way of oil changes superfluous.

The bearing system ensures low-vibration and low-noise operation, making it less demanding with respect to applications that are sensitive to vibrations. The ceramic ball bearings are replaceable on-site, if necessary. The optimized thermal design of the TURBOVAC i ensures optimum cooling of the bearings. To protect the bearings against critical gases or particles, all pumps have been equipped with a purge gas connection, increasing not only significantly service life but also system uptime in general.

The TURBOVAC i family offers numerous options for fulfilling a wide range of different requirements. Both the TURBOVAC 350 i and the 450 i are available with an additional inter-stage port, allowing pumping down of an additional chamber.

To keep installation, operation and maintenance as simple as possible, the TURBOVAC i is equipped with a rotatable vacuum flange connection, integrated drive electronics with direct 24/48VDC supply as well as a flexible communication interface with USB, RS 485 and digital I/O ports. Additional interface options are available upon request.

The new product line is supplemented by a flexible and comprehensive range of accessories, including cost-effective power supplies for 100-240V mains supplies (either on-board or stand-alone), adjustable air or water cooling units, heating jackets, venting and purge gas accessories (actively controlled, passive) as well as installation and mounting kits that readily assist commissioning.

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Visit: www.oerlikon.com/leyboldvacuum/en

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