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30 September 2013

SEMI-GAS’ new Xturion VaporX source system delivers low-vapor-pressure liquefied gases

SEMI-GAS Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems Inc of Malvern, PA, USA and a manufacturer of ultra-high-purity gas source and distribution systems, has launched an Xturion custom gas source system that safely and continuously delivers low-vapor-pressure liquefied process gases in vapor phase. VaporX is suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous gas applications and is designed to accommodate many of the low-vapor-pressure gases used in semiconductor, LED and solar cell production as well as in R&D and other high-purity markets.

Xturion VaporX systems are available in one and two process cylinder models, each featuring a GigaGuard PLC controller and an ergonomically positioned 8” touch-screen. SEMI-GAS says that the unit’s intuitive display schematics enable easy control over all the system’s operations, including gas delivery, system alarms, automatic cylinder switchover and auto-purge capabilities.

The GigaGuard controller automatically interrupts gas flow and initiates a shutdown in the event of a sensor alarm trip, while an Emergency Shutoff (EMO) button offers immediate manual operator shutdown. LED lights display the systems’ status, while an audible alarm accompanies flashing lights alerting the operator should a hazardous condition occur.

Each system is CE certified and is manufactured with ultra-high-purity components to guarantee long-term, reliable and consistent service, says SEMI-GAS. The system features pneumatically operated valves, Magnehelic and pressure switch exhaust monitoring as well as an optional point-of-use mass flow controller (MFC) box with heated low-vapor-pressure mass flow controllers.

To guard against undesirable process gas liquefaction and to help sustain the system’s cylinder temperatures and flowrates, VaporX is designed with an integrated fully automatic multi-zone heat control package that includes process gas cylinder heating blankets, gas manifold heat tracing, and process gas line heat tracing. All heat zones are independently controlled and employ redundant temperature measurement with over-temperature protection.

The standard two-cylinder (2CE) model is 86” tall, 33” wide and 23” deep, including the external side-mounted heater controller enclosure. Various safety features come standard, such as a UL-approved fire sprinkler, a ¼”-thick safety glass window, a self-closing, self-latching door, and a stainless-steel cylinder scale. Heavy cast aluminum cylinder brackets and adjustable cylinder shelves ensure safe and secure gas cylinder fit-up.

“Customers work in a variety of industries with various gas requirements, so we’ve created VaporX specifically for our customers who require delivery of low-vapor-pressure process gases,” says SEMI-GAS Systems’ engineering director Todd Bell (VaporX’s system designer). “As with all our Xturion systems, VaporX is engineered to be flexible, offering many additional mechanical, electrical and enclosure features to meet each customer’s exact needs.”

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