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23 September 2013

Oclaro showcasing 100G products and technology for client-side and coherent line-side applications at ECOC

Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA, which provides lasers and optical components, modules and subsystems for the optical communications, industrial, and consumer laser markets, has announced the continuing expansion of its 100G product offerings for both datacom and telecom implementations. Also, the firm is hosting customer meetings and highlighting its client- and line-side product portfolio in room MR3 of the ExCEL exhibition center during the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC 2013) in London, UK (23-25 September).

Featured products designed for line-side applications, and based on indium phosphide technology, include highly integrated components that enable next-generation coherent pluggable transceivers for 100G and 200G applications in both the CFP and CFP2 form factors. Oclaro has recently started sampling its components to select customers for system-level testing, and results show that the performance meets the requirements of both metro and regional DWDM networks. Some of the recent progress is also being discussed in the technical and Market Focus presentations listed below.

Oclaro has also separately announced the following product news:

  • volume production of the client-side, dual-rate 100G LR4 CFP2;
  • sampling of its 10G SFP+ 2km-reach transceiver for wireless backhaul applications;
  • availability of the 10G DWDM tunable SFP+ transceiver;
  • volume production of its narrow linewidth micro-iTLA; and
  • an advanced Raman and hybrid-EDF amplification solution for next-generation networks.

Oclaro’s presentations at ECOC include the following:

InP-enabled 100G/200G coherent

Market Focus Theatre presentation – ‘Next Generation High Bit Rate Coherent Interfaces’ (25 September). Andy Carter, chief scientist and optical technology expert at Oclaro is speaking about the role of InP-based components to achieve next-generation small-form-factor and pluggable coherent transceiver designs.

Technical Conference Presentation - Mo.3.C.2: ‘Progress in Indium Phosphide-based Photonic Components and Subsystems for Digital Coherent Systems at 100Gbit/s and above’ (23 September). Oclaro’s technology & systems director Wladek Forsiak is presenting an invited paper focusing on progress in InP-based photonic components and subsystems that enable cost-effective, compact and scalable new transceiver solutions for 100G and beyond.

Technical Conference presentation - Th.1.B.3: ‘Narrow Linewidth, High Power, High Operating Temperature Digital Supermode Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser’ (26 September). Sam Davies, senior R&D engineer for Oclaro, is discussing the use of monolithic InP-based lasers for high production volumes to support metro/regional and long-haul systems and future laser-modulator integration that will further reduce the cost and size of coherent transmitter solutions.

10G DWDM tunable SFP+

Poster presentation – ‘Monolithic Integration of AlInGaAs DS-DBR Tunable Laser and AlInGaAs MZ Modulator with Small Footprint, Low Power Dissipation and Long-Haul 10Gb/s Performance’ (24 September). Andrew Ward, principal engineer and scientist from Oclaro Caswell, UK, is focusing on tunable pluggable transceiver modules that meet the requirements for full tunability together with transmission performance to support metro/regional and long-haul DWDM systems while delivering on a dramatically lower size and power dissipation compared with 300-pin transponders.


Market Focus Theatre presentation – ‘Advanced amplification technologies for optical mesh networking’ (24 September). Per Hansen, VP for Optical Network Solutions at Oclaro, is providing an overview on future meshed network amplification requirements that have spawned advances in amplifier designs, uncooled multi-chip pumps, amplifier components and features for operational simplicity including ‘intelligent’ hybrid Raman-EDFAs.

Client-side 100G

ECOC Workshop – ‘VSR Interconnect Workshop: Technologies for Short Reach Optical Interconnects’ (22 September). Kiyo Hiramoto, product marketing manager with the Oclaro Japan modular device business unit, is highlighting Lens-integrated Surface-emitting DFB Laser (LISEL) arrays operating at 25-40Gb/s per channel. LISEL technology is predicted to be an alternative to VCSELs in the future development of 40G and 100G client-side, ultra-small transceiver technology and beyond for optical backplane and interconnects that support data center applications.

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