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29 October 2013

Lumileds launches LUXEON TX emitters combining high flux and CRI with ‘extreme’ efficacy for directional luminaires

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA Philips Lumileds has launched LUXEON TX LEDs, a new generation of high-power emitters delivering what is claimed to be the highest luminous flux available, with maximum efficacy, for directional and omnidirectional lighting applications. “These emitters enable customers to achieve performance metrics - such as a true 50W-equivalent MR16 lamp at [a CCT correlated color temperature of] 2700K that meets ERP/DIM2 requirements - which LEDs simply could not meet previously,” claims product line director Kathleen Hartnett.

“Outdoor fixture manufacturers who need 4000K at 70 CRI [color rendering index] are taking advantage of the LUXEON TX 360lm output at 1.0A and 85˚C to decrease overall system cost, but have the ability to drive the same part at 350mA to deliver 155lm/W LED efficacy and enable streetlights with a system efficacy of more than 120lm/W,” says Hartnett.

The LUXEON TX platform is available in a range of CCTs and CRIs to satisfy the most exacting requirements of downlights, high-bay and low-bay lighting, indoor area lighting, outdoor lighting and replacement lamps. In addition, for improved design flexibility, Lumileds has added a minimum 85-CRI option so designers can further differentiate their product lines.

“Designers have typically had to choose between the lower efficacy associated with a 90 CRI LED or the poorer color rendering associated with an 80 CRI LED,” comments Hartnett. “Now, LUXEON TX 85 CRI emitters bridge that gap by providing high CRI with increased efficacy in a full CCT range from 2700K to 5000K.”

For applications that require a minimum 90 CRI, LUXEON TX delivers up to 100lm/W warm-white light (3000K CCT, 90 CRI and 700mA at 85˚C). Lumileds says that this level of efficacy at 90 CRI enables superior performance for luminaires that must adhere to increasingly stringent lighting standards such as the CEC’s California Quality LED Lamp Specification.

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