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19 November 2013

SemiLEDs launches 10W RGBW LED; compact form factor eases color mixing, simplifies integration

LED chip and component maker SemiLEDs Corp of Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan has announced the introduction and release of the 10-Watt M63 RGBW integrated 6363 LED, a 4-channel LED delivering more than 410 total lumens of combined red, green, blue and white light output.

The firm says that the compact 6.3mm x 6.3mm dimensions enable the M63 RGBW to fit in a wide range of color-changing applications, including entertainment (stage lights, backdrops and spotlighting), large-scale displays, and color-adjustable luminaires for building facade, wall washing or specialized interior luminaires.

“The M63 RGBW demonstrates a new level of LED product integration from SemiLEDs,” says Dr Ilkan Cokgor, executive VP of sales & marketing. “By combining three colors, plus an independent phosphor-coated white emitter, onto a single LED package, our customers will be able to better optimize the optical and thermal properties of their design, while minimizing the manufacturing complexities of their luminaires or large-scale displays,” he adds. “This integrated approach is enabled by our well-validated and robust metal vertical LED product portfolio, which can be reliably driven harder to deliver higher-than-average lumen density and increase the lumens per dollar.”

The integrated package is the first to bring together SemiLEDs vertical, white chip, and ceramic packaging technologies. Measuring just 6.3mm on a side (39.7 square mm/0.06 square inch), the multi-color LED opens the door to arrays with cumulative lumen-densities in excess of 6000 lumens per square inch, the firm reckons. The square footprint also simplifies color mixing and integration with secondary optics, including narrow-beam spotlights, which benefit from the symmetry and depend upon minimized source sizes. Compared with a strictly RGB source, the addition of discrete white to the color-changing LED architecture enables a broader spectrum and more natural white palette to be projected, claims SemiLEDs. The white source in the M63 RGB delivers luminous efficacy of 100 lumens per watt at a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 6300-8000K. By its nature, an RGBW LED should include a cool-white source to complement the additive nature of the colors in the integrated device, adds the firm.

“Every current technology trend is towards higher integration, both to reduce component count and simplify the final design, and that carries with it a ripple effect that continues into process engineering and manufacturing,” says Cokgor. “As a result of its broad technology offering, SemiLEDs is in a somewhat unique position to reliably deliver these higher levels of integration, as reflected in our new M63 RGBW,” he reckons. “High-quality LED manufacturers will continue to differentiate and add value to the industry by driving increasing integration at both the component and subsystem level.”

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