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16 May 2013

MACOM launches 90W, 50W and 15W GaN in plastic transistors

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes analog semiconductors, components and subassemblies for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications) has introduced its series of GaN in Plastic packaged power transistors for high-performance civilian and military radar and communications systems.

Scaling to peak pulse power levels of 100W – claimed to be the highest among competing components in this product category – MACOM says that its GaN in Plastic transistors defy the power, size and weight limitations of competing ceramic-packaged offerings to enable a new generation of high-performance, ultra-compact military and civilian radar systems. Customers can hence use the products to provide new capabilities and take advantage of the total system cost reductions associated with size, weight and cooling requirements, the firm adds.

Packaged in 3mm x 6mm dual-flat no leads (DFN) and standard small-outline transistor (SOT-89) packages, MACOM’s GaN in Plastic transistors operate at 50V drain bias, resulting in what is claimed to be outstanding power density and performance, higher efficiency, and smaller impedance matching circuits due to improved device parasitics. The high-voltage operation also benefits overall system design with smaller energy storage capacitors and lower current draw, the firm adds.

The power transistors leverage thermal management techniques to ensure reliability in surface-mount applications. The 90W power transistor demonstrates less than 115°C junction temperature (80°C base-plate) for a pulsed power output of 93W, using a 1mS pulse and 10% duty cycle on standard Rogers board material. The devices can operate at higher temperatures, as the calculated mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) at 200°C is about 600 years.

The first entries in MACOM’s GaN in Plastic power transistor product portfolio include 90W (MAGX-000035-0900P), 50W (MAGX-000035-05000P) and 15W (MAGX-000035-01500P) transistors, all of which are available in standard 3mm x 6mm DFN packaging. The devices can be mounted on PCBs via ground/thermal arrays. Internal stress buffers allow the devices to be reliably operated at up to 200°C channel temperature. The GaN in Plastic series also includes a 5W (MAGX-000040-5000P) device in an even smaller SOT-89 package, measuring 2.5mm x 4.5mm. All of these transistors are capable of operating at frequencies up to at least 3.5GHz.

“Radar system designers are challenged to reduce the size, weight and cost of next-generation system designs, while meeting new requirements of higher power, efficiency and reliability,” says product manager Paul Beasly. “MACOM’s GaN in Plastic packaging innovation and rich heritage of expert engineer-to-engineer customer support ensure that radar system designers are best equipped to harness the highest power in the smallest possible size,” he adds.

GaN in Plastic test fixtures are available upon request.

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