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21 March 2013

Sumitomo Electric launches next-generation AOCs; showcases mux/demux integrated TOSA/ROSA for 100GLR4 and devices for coherent communications

At the Optical Fiber Communication/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC 2013) in Anaheim (19-21 March), optical solution provider Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (SEI) introduced its next generation of active optical cables (AOCs).

Extremely rapid bandwidth growth and demand for rich media is putting tremendous pressure on storage and computing resources, notes the firm. In response, Sumitomo Electric’s AOC Connects cables - available with QSFP+ and CXP form factors - are high-performance active optical cables with maximum aggregate bandwidth of 120Gb/s.

Providing benefits over copper cables designed for InfiniBand QSFP SDR/DDR/QDR/FDR/EDR and 40/100Gb/s Ethernet applications, AOC Connects cables support distances up to 100m while reducing the weight, density and power consumption over traditional copper alternatives, says Sumitomo Electric.

Optical mux/demux integrated TOSA/ROSA for 100GLR4

Also at OFC/NFOEC 2013, Sumitomo Electric showcased its optical multiplexer/de-multiplexer integrated TOSA/ROSA (transmitter/ receiver optical sub-assemblies) for 100G-LR4 in CFP4 modules.

The TOSA and ROSA both use a low-loss optical multiplexer and de-multiplexer to achieve high optical coupling efficiency and hence maintain high performance.

The optical multiplexer integrated TOSA achieves high output power of 2.5dBm per lane. A quad DML driver and high-power direct-modulated laser provide low power consumption of 1.6W (maximum). The package size is only 21.3mm x 5.3mm x 6.7mm.

The ROSA offers high sensitivity of -8.6dBm in OMA (optical modulation amplitude). Consuming just 0.9W, the ROSA features a high-speed PIN detector and high-sensitivity quad transimpedance amplifier (TIA). The package size is only 15.4mm x 5.3mm x 6.7mm.

Sumitomo Electric showcases devices for coherent communications

Sumitomo Electric also showcased its devices for coherent communications. With the arrival of 100Gb/s transmission, coherent technologies enables commercially viable 100G by providing communication service providers with a cost-effective solution for overcoming fiber impairments that occur at high line speeds, says the firm.

Sumitomo Electric’s tunable laser for coherent transmission features high output power of 15.5dBm, wide tuning range of 191.35-196.10THz and narrow line-width of 300kHz. The firm also featured its micro-iTLA (integrable tunable laser assembly), small-size coherent receiver, and small-size indium phosphide (InP) modulator for 100G coherent transmission.

Also at OFC, Sumitomo Electric engineers gave the following presentations addressing new developments: Naoya Kono on ‘Compact and Low Power DP-QPSK Modulator Module with InP-Based Modulator and Driver ICs’ in the session ‘Modulators for Advanced Modulation Formats’ and Hideki Yagi on ‘High-Efficient InP-Based Balanced Photodiodes Integrated with 90 degree Hybrid MMI for Compact 100 Gb/s Coherent Receiver’ in the session ‘Integrated Devices’.

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