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27 June 2013

SEMI-GAS’ Auto-Guard prevents accidental hazardous gas release

SEMI-GAS Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems Inc of Malvern, PA, USA and a manufacturer of ultra-high-purity gas handling and distribution systems, offers a controller-activated cylinder connection cover that the firm says enhances safety in gas delivery environments.  Auto-Guard protects gas technicians from exposure to hazardous production materials as well as the integrity of process gas and related equipment by controlling access to active gas cylinder connections.

Auto-Guard enhances specialty gas operations by preventing accidental disconnection of a hazardous gas cylinder from a gas source manifold. An extended shroud on the guard clearly indicates that it is unsafe to attempt to disconnect a cylinder, preventing access to the CGA or DISS nut. A retracted shroud on the guard indicates that the system is in a safe state and allows the operator access for disconnection. Auto-Guard remains in this retracted position until a cylinder change and/or leak test has been successfully completed, says the firm.

The Auto-Guard cover is 100% pneumatically actuated and does not include any springs or mechanical components. Via an automatic controller, pneumatic signals open and close the device. In the event of an electrical failure or pneumatic pressure loss, the connection cover shroud remains in the same position prior to when the failure occurred.

Applied Energy Systems’ president, Steve Buerkel, said “The industry has experienced numerous accidental hazardous gas releases due to the operator either trying to disconnect the wrong cylinder or trying to disconnect the cylinder before it has been properly purged. The Auto-Guard connection cover prevents these errors, taking safe operation of gas cabinets to a new level.”

The Auto-Guard connection cover is recommended for use with all hazardous production materials (HPM) and access-restricted gases. It can be installed with minimal downtime on most standard cylinder connection pigtails, typically without any equipment modifications.

Auto-Guard is constructed of 302-series stainless steel, anodized 6061-T1 aluminum and corrosion-resistant Viton O-Rings. It is a standard option for use with all SEMI-GAS Centurion Gas Cabinets and SEMI-GAS GigaGuard PLC controllers.

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