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28 August 2013

IXYS launches high-power 600V, 10A and 1200V, 5A SiC diodes in surface-mount packages

IXYS Corp, a leader in power semiconductors, mixed-signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications, announced today the introduction of the SS150 and SS275 Series high-power silicon carbide (SiC) diodes by its IXYS Colorado division in Fort Collins. Three diode configurations provide designers with flexible connection and layout options. Packaged in our low-inductance, surface-mount DE Series package, these products provide excellent switching performance.

The SS150 and SS275 are both available in 600V, 10A and 1200V, 5A ratings. Standard internal configurations include:

  • TI – Triple Independent (no common connections);
  • TA – Triple Anode (anodes are tied together);
  • TC – Triple Cathode (cathodes are tied together).

The SS150 and SS275 high-power diode SiC modules are ideal for applications such as: MHz switch mode power supplies; high-frequency converters; resonant converters; and rectifier circuits.

The use of silicon carbide allows extremely fast switching, high-frequency operation, with zero recovery and temperature-independent behavior. Coupled with the low-inductance RF package, the diodes can be used in any number of fast-switching diode circuits or high-frequency converter applications.

Features of the SS150 and SS275 include: surface-mount package; 600V, 10A and 1200V, 5A available; zero reverse recovery; zero forward recovery; high-frequency operation; temperature-independent behaviour; low inductance; and a positive temperature coefficient for Vf.

“The SS150 and SS275 high-power SiC diode modules allow designers more flexible design options with high-frequency applications,” says Stephen Krausse, general manager of IXYS Colorado. The SS150 and SS275 high power SiC diode modules are available directly from IXYS.

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