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23 April 2013

Osram Opto launches five new color versions of Duris P 5 mid-power LEDs

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany says that it is now offering its mid-power LED Duris P5 in color options. The five new versions have high luminous efficacy from a compact form factor that is already familiar from the white version. The LEDs are suitable for architecture lighting and the hospitality sector (i.e. hotels and restaurants).

The five color versions of Duris P 5 are deep blue (450nm), blue (470nm), true green (528nm), yellow (590nm) and red (615-625nm), based on either InGaN (indium gallium nitride) or InGaAlP (indium gallium aluminium phosphide) chips, depending on wavelength. Low forward voltages and optimized light extraction result in high luminous efficacies for all types, says the firm. The deep blue version, for example, delivers output of 140mW (at 100mA and 25°C), corresponding to a typical efficiency (the ratio of light produced to power consumed) of 48%.

As mid-power LEDs, the color versions of Duris P 5 suit linear, area or omnidirectional lighting applications in which the light must be distributed as uniformly as possible. Color mixing is also much easier in applications involving several colors, notes Osram Opto.

“The color Duris P 5 versions will give our customers even greater freedom in designing luminaires,” says Martin Wittmann, product manager marketing SSL. “A good example is the combination of white and colored mid-power LEDs within a luminaire,” he adds. “The use of the Duris power class also reduces system costs while at the same time improving the distribution of light and simplifying thermal management.”

OsramPicture: The Duris P 5 LED, available now not only in white but also in blue, green, yellow and red colors.

As is the case with the white versions in the P 5 family, the colored Duris versions are capable of withstanding extremely harsh conditions, says the firm. The package technology offers greater corrosion stability compared with conventional mid-power LEDs, it is claimed. The small component dimensions of only 2.6mm x 2.2mm also allow good optical control in connection with secondary optics.

In addition to architectural lighting and signage applications, the new Duris color versions can be used in LED lamp and luminaire modules with ‘remote phosphor’ technology. In this case, the converters needed to generate white light are not attached directly to the chip but are illuminated by a deep blue LED from a certain distance, causing them to luminesce. This remote phosphor technology results in uniform distribution of light and high luminous efficacy, says Osram Opto.

The new color Duris P 5 versions are being premiered in booth 1001 at Lightfair International 2013 in Philadelphia, PA, USA (23-25 April).

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