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1 April 2013

Emcore launches first openGear IF- and L- band fiber-optic cards for head-end RF signal distribution and interfacility links

At the Satellite 2013 event in Washington DC (19-21 March) and at China Content Broadcasting Networking exhibition (CCBN 2013) in Beijing, China (21-23 March), Emcore Corp of Albuquerque, NM, USA, which makes components, subsystems and systems for the fiber-optic and solar power markets, launched what is claimed to be the first high-performance openGear wideband optical links for IF-, L- and wide-band RF signal distribution and interfacility links. The OPG-1L series transmitters and receivers will provide transparent signal transport between broadcast or cable network antenna facilities and control room terminal equipment.

openGear is designed to offer a flexible and advanced terminal equipment solution that provides the opportunity to select equipment without the requirement for investment in multiple frame standards. The OPG-1L series is designed to be fully compatible with the openGear standard for broadcast terminal equipment and cable head-end applications.

The OPG-1L openGear wideband optical links operate in a frequency range of 50-3000MHz and are optimized for IF- and L-band and wideband video signals up to 60km. They are designed with highly linear, optically isolated distributed feedback (DFB) lasers that enable high-dynamic-range links. The transmitter and receiver both have an adjustable gain range of 25dB. Connectivity is provided through Blind Mate 50 and 75 Ohm RF and LC-APC optical connectors in the openGear mid-plane. The user RF and fiber interfaces are connected to the rear of the openGear chassis, allowing them to be installed and terminated (eliminating the need to revise the rack cabling for expansion). The OPG-1L is LNB power capable, CE- and CSA-certified, and ROHS-compliant.

“The combination of Emcore’s family of openGear and Optiva Platform enclosures, integrated with RF, video, audio and data modules, enables a versatile, interoperable platform for signal distribution and control room to antenna integration,” says Henok Tafese, senior director of business development. “These new openGear optical transmitters and receivers incorporate the highly linear performance of Emcore’s DFB laser technology in a compact package compatible with openGear standards, so customers will be able to deploy proven technologies in a standardized open-platform approach.”

Additional unique features of the OPG-1L series include simple push-button peaking for optimum performance and Emcore’s patented SmartGain Control system, which ensures consistent RF performance over varied signal conditions and long fiber distances.

The OPG-1L modules can also be integrated with Emcore’s family of openGear-compatible OPG-2HDP high-definition SDI video cards, as well as other openGear application cards to support multiple format and frequency transport in a single flexible platform.

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