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19 April 2013

Bridgelux announces commercial availability of Vero LED arrays

LED chip and lighting array maker Bridgelux Inc of Livermore, CA, USA has announced the commercial availability of its Vero LED array solid-state light source, which was unveiled last December.

All form factors of Vero LED arrays are now commercially available and shipping to customers and distribution partners worldwide. Vero is also being showcased at the LightFair International exhibition in Philadelphia (23-25 April).

“The immediate and wide-scale adoption of Vero is the tangible and powerful result of customer-driven product design,” says Mick Wilcox, VP of marketing. “Vero’s versatility minimizes not only the number of arrays needed, but it also reduces driver and optics inventory costs,” he adds.

The new Vero LED arrays increase lumen output by 20% over existing Bridgelux LED arrays, and deliver typical luminous efficacy of 110lm/W, compared with 95lm/W for conventional arrays.

Bridgelux says that Vero enables lamp and luminaire makers to optimize for efficiency, cost, light density, or any combination of these attributes based on application-specific design requirements. Vero features what is claimed to be an industry-first onboard connector port that interfaces with the Molex Pico-EZmate connector to enable simple plug & play solder-free electrical interconnectivity and field upgradability.

The firm claims that its Vero packaged array technology offers advances in design flexibility, ease of use, and energy efficiency while also defining a platform for future smart functionality.

“We have been partnering with Bridgelux for years to deliver high-quality lighting to our customers for a broad range of retail and commercial applications,” comments Chuck Campagna, CEO & president of lighting manufacturer Amerlux LLC of Fairfield, NJ, USA. “The ease-of-use features and design flexibility in Vero helps us shorten design cycles, accelerate time to market and improve manufacturability.” 

The Vero platform provides broad interior and exterior application coverage via four form factors. Lumen output performance ranges from 400lm to 15,000lm, while correlated color temperature (CCT) options range from 2700K to 5000K, with 3SDCM (standard deviation of color matching) for the 2700–4000K CCT options. Color rendering index options include 70, 80, 90, and 97 CRI Décor products. A radial die pattern improves lumen density and beam control.

Thermally isolated solder pads reduce both manufacturing time and complexity, while top-side product marking and a 2D bar-code improve inventory management. A solder-less connector port enables plug & play connectivity and field upgradability. Bridgelux claims reliable operation at up to two times the rated drive current.

Luminaire developer Licht + Design chooses Bridgelux as LED lighting array supplier

Bridgelux says that Licht + Design of Hildesheim, Germany, a developer and distributor of technical luminaires, has chosen Bridgelux’s Vero LED arrays for its retail food and product light applications.

A lighting designer serving major retail stores focusing on clothing and food products, Licht + Design was challenged by shop owners to reduce operating and energy costs, enhance interior designs and atmospheres, and provide optimal color and light levels while delivering functionality previously unattainable with traditional, vacuumed-based lighting. “Licht +Design has a significant impact in the European product and food retail sector,” notes Max Hong, Bridgelux’s executive VP, sales & marketing.  

Bridgelux says that its Vero arrays provide Licht + Design’s customers with 20% more lumens per watt (lm/W) than conventional LED arrays as well as a substantially higher color rendering index (CRI). The Vero also provides up to 2x increase in current rating. Licht + Design expects customers to see more than a 50% reduction in energy costs with the Vero array integration. Due to its quick assembly design, the Vero array simplifies and streamlines luminaire product manufacturing while improving overall system reliability, claims Bridgelux.

Also, as LED light generated by the Vero array does not generate heat or ultraviolet (UV) radiation, retailers can expect a dramatic decrease in food spoilage, reckons Bridgelux, further reducing operating and maintenance costs and extending the shelf life of perishable products.

Like other LED light sources, Vero LED arrays are also fully dimmable, easily connected to networks, and emit light with no ignition time.

“We have been partnering with Bridgelux for their LED technology for some time,” says Licht + Design’s CEO Frank Armbrecht. “By moving to Vero arrays, we not only expect to see energy consumption drop even further, but we’re well poised for the future of LED lighting as the arrays are fully optimized for smart connector integration,” he adds.

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