24 May 2011

Intense launches 20W 793nm multi-emitter pump module

In IMM Photonics’ booth (number 400, Hall 1) at this week’s Laser World of Photonics 2011 event in Munich, Germany (23–26 May), Intense Ltd of North Brunswick, NJ, USA, which makes monolithic laser array products, high-power single-emitter laser diodes and electro-optical subsystems, has announced the release of prototype versions of its next-generation Series 8000 793nm high-power pump laser diode module.

The new multi-emitter pump module delivers 20W of output power from a 105µm-core fiber with a 0.15 or 0.22 numerical aperture (NA). It is designed to meet growing demand for laser pumps in the field of eye-safe, thulium-doped fiber-laser systems. The pump module is used in defense & aerospace applications (such as LIDAR and direct infrared countermeasures) and to replace existing diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) technology in medical and industrial applications.

Intense says that the Series 8000 793nm standard Mini-Fiber Packages (MFP) provide a robust and cost-effective solution for applications with power requirements in the 4–5W range. The same high-power chip technology used in the 793nm MFPs is now available in the new multi-emitter packages, designed to yield a maximum optical pump power of up to 20W. The building block 4–5W laser diodes can also be supplied in free-space configuration on C-mount with a FAC-lens, or on isolation sub-mounts.

“The multi-emitter modules with the next generation of 793nm chips are an important extension of the 793nm MFP product line that incorporates a single laser diode and yield of about 4.5W fiber-coupled output power,” says CEO Berthold Schmidt.

The Series 8000 793nm pump laser diode module is based on Intense’s next-generation 793nm single-emitter chips, which incorporate an improved asymmetric waveguide design with narrow beam divergence and Intense’s patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology to maximize power and reliability.

The Series 8000 793nm pump laser diode module prototypes are available on a limited basis to key OEM partners, in preparation for a full product launch in 2012.

Also on display at Laser World of Photonics is the entire Hermes product line, including QCW bars that provide up to 400W of output power, and QCW 1kW, 2kW, and 3KW stacks. All Hermes bars and stacked arrays incorporate Intense’s QWI technology, which increases the brightness and reliability of the lasers while reducing instances of catastrophic optical damage (COD). These bars and stacks are assembled using AuSn hard solder and designed for a wide range of aerospace, defense and industrial applications.

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