10 January 2011

Taiwan takes 18% share of global opto output in 2010

Amid strong international demand for Taiwanese solar components, LED lighting and electronic paper, Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry posted an output value of NT$2.27 trillion (US$77.6bn) in 2010, up 37% from last year and breaking the previous record set in 2007, according to the Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA). Taiwan hence took an 18% share of the global optoelectronics market, reports The Taipei Times.

“Flat-panel displays have led the growth of Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry for the last 10 years,” says Murphy Lin, director of PIDA’s industry and technology research division. “For the next five years, solar power and LED will take center stage.”

There have been signs supporting the trend, he says, as solar modules and solar systems reported the highest output growth of all optoelectronics products last year, increasing 470% and 433%, respectively. The third-highest growth came from LED lighting, which expanded 130%.

PIDA forecasts that output from Taiwan’s solar power sector will grow from NT$189.5bn in 2010 to NT$299.8bn in 2013. In particular, Asia has increased its weight in world solar battery production, with China commanding 38% of the production in 2010, Taiwan 12% and Japan 11%. Germany and USA took 14% and 13%, respectively.

PIDA industrial analyst Deaphne Kuo says that the LED sector will see a boost as more Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China deploy LEDs for street lamps and in government offices. Also, falling prices should add to the attractiveness for consumers to buy LED lighting, she adds.

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