17 February 2011

Lumileds launches SignalSure surface-mount LEDs for automotive signaling

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has launched SignalSure mid-power LEDs for automotive signaling applications, available in red-orange and amber colors (per automotive specifications).

The new LED is intended to be the most robust and reliable surface-mount LED available to the automotive industry and undergoes a rigorous Multi Environment Overstress Testing (MEOST) regime that exceeds the testing required by existing standards for automotive signaling LED sources.

Lumileds says that the MEOST testing for SignalSure goes well beyond datasheet maximums to ensure ongoing reliability and performance. As part of the MEOST testing regime (developed in conjunction with the firm's tier 1 customers), SignalSure LEDs are exposed to extreme heat, humidity, and high levels of sulphur gas. Lumileds simulates high-voltage jump start and high-voltage alternator failure to ensure that the LEDs will continue to operate without degradation in performance, quality, and light output. The test regime is outlined in the SignalSure Reliability Datasheet (available from Lumileds' website). SignalSure LEDs are AEC-Q101 Qualified and meet Japanese and SAE/ECE requirements.

“Reliability and confidence in a surface-mount signaling product has been our design objective for SignalSure from the start,” says Paul Martin, senior director for mid-power automotive LEDs. “There are certainly other surface-mount LEDs in use today, but it was clear that the automotive industry’s needs were not being met,” he adds. “Only SignalSure achieves the automotive industry’s desired level of reliability for a surface-mount product,” Martin claims. “No other automotive SMD product we know of goes through the extreme testing applied to our LEDs, and as a result we are delivering a superior SMD with a wide design margin for signaling applications.”

SignalSure surface-mount LEDs expand Lumileds’ portfolio including SnapLED and SuperFlux LEDs. Lumileds claims that the SnapLED’s unique clinch frame assembly has made it the choice for signature styling on vehicles around the world. The firm expects SignalSure to become the surface-mount product of choice for applications where thin, low-profile designs are preferred, including center stop, side-marker, tail, mirror turn, rear fog, and motorcycle signaling.

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