11 April 2011

Entegris launches 150mm Thick Wafer Shipper for LED manufacturing

At last month’s 2011 SEMICON China trade show in Shanghai, Entegris Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which provides products for purifying, protecting and transporting materials used in semiconductor manufacturing, showcased its latest solutions for semiconductor and LED manufacturers. Specifically, to meet LED makers’ increasing need for improved production, Entegris demonstrated how its new Ultrapak 150mm Thick Wafer Shipper and Aeronex gas purification systems can help manufacturers improve yields by enhancing and preserving wafer integrity.

The new Ultrapak 150mm Thick Wafer Shipper is designed for shipping the 1.3mm-thick wafers commonly used in LED chip manufacturing. The polypropylene shipper secures wafers to limit rotation, reduce particle contamination and prevent damage or breakage.

“Through collaboration with leading LED manufacturers, Entegris identified key modifications for its widely used semiconductor shipper that ideally suit the unique needs of the LED industry,” says William Shaner, VP & general manager for Entegris’ Microenvironments Division. “We combined their input with more than 30 years of Entegris’ wafer shipping experience to design the most protective shipper for these critical substrates.”

Specific modifications include improving wafer spacing and pitch to fit wafers that are thicker than standard silicon wafers. The design also features a new secondary packaging system to support and protect the heavier load. The new shipper expands Entegris’ current line of LED wafer handling products, which includes a multiple wafer shipper for thin wafers (the Ultrapak 100mm Thin Wafer Shipper, launched at January’s SEMICON Korea 2011 tradeshow), single-wafer shippers, and multiple wafer carriers used for in-fab processing.

At SEMICON China, Entegris also exhibited its Aeronex line of gas purification solutions for high-brightness LED (HB-LED) manufacturing. The firm says that these systems provide reliable gas purification for maximum uptime, enabling manufacturers to produce HB-LEDs with the highest photoluminescence peaks and luminous efficiencies. The multi-bed design allows continuous supply of purified gas and is available in several flow ranges for nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia.

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