6 April 2011

Cree’s XM-L EasyWhite LED lowers cost for 25W replacement lamps

LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced the first lighting-class LED component that combines the high light output and small footprint of its XLamp XM-L LED package with the firm’s unique EasyWhite color mixing technology.

Cree says that its new XM-L EasyWhite LEDs reduce the cost and complexity associated with binning and color mixing, as well as using multiple discrete LEDs. This can enable users to reduce the price and improve the performance of LED solutions for compact directional lighting, such as 20–25W halogen MR, PAR and B10-style (candelabra) replacement lamps.

In these applications, previous single-LED solutions were not able to achieve enough light output to match the incumbent incandescent products, says Cree. Traditional multi-LED configurations complicate the overall system design and have the added disadvantage of not emulating the look of a light bulb’s filament. The XM-L EasyWhite LED enables a single-LED component to deliver the performance and design simplicity needed for 25W replacement lamps, the firm claims.

At just 4W of power, XM-L EasyWhite LEDs produce up to 340 lumens at an operating temperature of 85ºC in warm white (3000K) in a single component. Like the firm’s XLamp MT-G LEDs, XM-L EasyWhite LEDs are characterized at 85ºC, allowing users to accurately select them at a specific color temperature. They are also available with what is claimed to be the industry’s tightest LED-to-LED color consistency, replicating the uniformity of incandescent light bulbs.

“XM-L EasyWhite LEDs give customers the best of both worlds: the color consistency of an EasyWhite array in the compact size of a discrete component,” says Mike Watson, Cree’s senior director, marketing and product applications, LED Components. “In 2009, Cree was the first LED manufacturer to eliminate binning for LED components with our innovative EasyWhite color mixing technology,” he adds. “XM-L EasyWhite LEDs, along with the recently introduced XLamp MT-G EasyWhite LEDs, accelerate the adoption of LED lighting into applications traditionally addressed by energy-wasting halogen sources.”

XM-L EasyWhite LEDs are available in 2-step MacAdams Ellipse color points. They are also available in either a 6V or a high-voltage 12V configuration, enabling the use of efficient, small and low-cost drivers. They also have the same low-profile dome and 5mm x 5mm footprint as the current XM-L LED family.

XM-L EasyWhite LEDs are available in both standard CRI and high-CRI (minimum 85 and 90) versions at multiple color temperatures.

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