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29 October 2007


Microsemi wins $1.6m AFRL contract to develop SiC RF power semiconductor technology

Microsemi Corp of Irvine, CA, USA has been awarded $1.6m by the USA’s Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for its Power Products Group (formerly Advanced Power Technology of Bend, OR, USA) to develop silicon carbide (SiC) RF power semiconductor technology for use in military avionics, communications and radar systems.

According to the company, SiC offers several advantages in avionics applications, such as increased reliability, extended battlespace coverage, point-of-use power conversion, and reduced size and cooling requirements.

Microsemi says that the AFRL contract will enable substantial growth of its operations in Bend, and will establish the company as an independent supplier.

James J. Peterson, Microsemi’s president and CEO, said: "Microsemi is committed to being a technology innovator in the development of next generation silicon carbide products for defense and commercial applications."

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