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18 October 2007


Axiom shipping more than 1 million CMOS PAs monthly

Axiom Microdevices Inc of Irvine, CA, USA says that it shipped more than 1 million of its AX502 quad-band GPRS CMOS PAs in both August and September, putting it on track to ship 10 million by the end of 2007.

Axiom supplies what it claims is the world’s only fully integrated complementary metal oxide semiconductor power amplifier (CMOS PA) for mobile handsets. The firm says it has proven the reliability of its quad-band GPRS PA through thousands of hours of life testing. Multiple handsets containing the product are now shipping in Europe and Asia. “The shipment of our first million units earlier this year marked our transition to a fully operational enterprise,” says CEO Brett Butler.

Axiom’s patented technology allows the use of 130nm silicon CMOS processes to integrate all of the functions between the transmitter output and the transmit/receive switch. The firm says it has realized power gain stages, small-signal control circuitry and 50-ohm matching on a single die, achieving what was previously only viable with devices manufactured primarily in gallium arsenide process technology and assembled in multi-chip module packaging.

“Our unique CMOS PA technology provides distinct advantages for handset manufacturers by removing the need for specialty process technologies in the last ‘non-CMOS’ circuit block of the phone,” claims Butler.

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