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29 November 2007


China’s GaN LED production to overtake Japan in 2010, reckons CSA

The Chinese LED market grew at an average annual rate of 29% from 1997 to Rmb14.6bn (US$1.98bn) in 2006, and is expected to reach Rmb32bn (US$4.34bn) in 2010, said Wu Ling of the China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) at this week’s First International Conference on White LEDs and Solid State Lighting (White LEDs-07), reports Nikkei Electronics.

Average annual growth from 2002 to 2006 was even higher (35%), boosted by the market for high-luminance LEDs reaching Rmb9bn (US$1.22bn) in 2006. Of high-luminance LEDs, 40% are for backlight source applications, Ling added.

As the Chinese LED market has expanded, Chinese LED makers’ technology has also improved, Ling claims, resulting in Chinese LEDs capturing a larger portion of the domestic market. In 2002, the market used to depend on imported products, but in 2006 Chinese LEDs accounted for 43.9% of the domestic LED market.

Chinese products constituted 30% of the domestic market for high-value-added GaN LEDs (e.g. blue and white LEDs) in 2006, Ling reckons. GaN LED shipments in China grew from 65 million units per month in 2003 to 600 million units per month in 2006, and will grow to 1.65 billion units per month in 2010, outperforming Japanese GaN LED output and making China the world’s second largest GaN LED producing country, predicts Ling.

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