4 October 2011

LEDs to hit 70% lighting market penetration in Japan

Digitimes Research is projecting marked growth in LED markets across Asia over the next five years, according to its latest Special Report ‘Standards and scale of Asia LED lighting markets’. In particular, Japan already had a higher LED light bulb usage rate than other countries, but the power shortages in the wake of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in March have accelerated the pace of the country’s switch to LED lighting, which is expected to achieve a penetration rate of 70% by 2015. Meanwhile, the South Korean government has launched the LED Lighting 15/30 Popularization Plan, which aims to make LEDs account for 30% of the country’s overall lighting market by 2015. In addition, China has a potentially enormous LED lighting market, which is estimated to see growth of 90% in 2014 followed by 60% in 2015.

While China has a vast potential market, Taiwan has the world’s second largest LED industry by value, as well as an advanced (and constantly advancing) level of LED technology. Taiwan-based firms therefore attach a great deal of importance to their presence in the China market, says Digitimes Research.

Also, in recent years, China and Taiwan have entered into discussions regarding the creation of joint standards for LED lighting. As manufacturers become increasingly concerned about their presence in the LED lighting market, LED standards are playing an ever more important role, says Digitimes Research. LED lighting standards not only provide a model for manufacturers to follow when creating products, but also ensure consumers’ peace of mind with regard to issues such as safety and performance.

LED standards in China and Taiwan already have a great deal of overlap, with LED lighting products used in major public construction projects exhibiting particularly strong similarities, says the market research firm. Taiwan has made more rapid progress than China in terms of indoor LED lighting standards, and it is entirely possible that future standards for indoor LED lighting in China will adopt the specifications of the Taiwan standards, it adds. Such a move would be of great potential benefit for the establishment of shared standards for the two regions, reckons Digitimes Research.  

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