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10 November 2009


Power amplifier market on track for $2.8bn at 4bn units in 2014

The market for power amplifiers (PAs) in cell phones and related mobile devices will grow to $2.8bn over the next five years, according to the report ‘Cellular PA Forecast 2009 - 2014’ from the Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Component market research service.

Demand for cellular PAs declined in first-half 2009 due to the slowdown in handset shipments. However, cellular will continue to spread beyond conventional handsets into notebook and netbook computers as well as machine-to-machine systems such as automatic meter readers, says Strategy Analytics. At the same time, the number of bands used by the typical cellular terminal will continue to increase. Together, these trends promise continued growth in shipments of cellular terminals and PAs, even as the conventional cell-phone market matures and growth slows.

“We estimate that the PA market will reach almost 4 billion units per year in 2014, even as dual-mode PAs begin to reduce the power amplifier count per cellular terminal,” says Chris Taylor, director of Strategy Analytics’ RF & Wireless Components market research service.

“Shipments of CMOS PAs will increase over the next five years, but GaAs-based PA modules will continue to dominate the market as cellular moves beyond W-CDMA to LTE [long-term evolution],” adds Asif Anwar, director of the firm’s Gallium Arsenide and Compound Semiconductor market research service.

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