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25 March 2009


StratEdge introduces BeO package for GaN, SiC, and GaAs devices

StratEdge of San Diego, CA, USA, which designs and produces packages for microwave, millimeter-wave, and high-speed digital devices, has introduced a beryllium oxide (BeO) package and full assembly and testing service for high power semiconductor switches and small gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium arsenide (GaAs) devices. The firm says that applications for the packages include test and measurement, military radios, and radar.

With a thermal conductivity of 270 watts/meter Kelvin (w/mK), the 0.205 inch diameter circular BeO package has a BeO disk base to accommodate devices of up to 0.030 by 0.040 inches. This standard hermetic package comes with a circular metal lid with gold tin preform. Designed with four leads, the package accommodates single pole, three throw switch (SP3T) devices. The maximum assembled package height, including the lid, is 0.056 inches.

"Their small size and ability to draw a considerable amount of heat away from tiny high power devices make StratEdge's BeO packages perfect for older technology silicon diodes as well as newer silicon carbide and gallium nitride devices," said Tim Going, president and CEO of StratEdge. "We have worked with many of our clients who manufacture semiconductor switches to perfect these packages. For companies looking for a turnkey switch solution, StratEdge can obtain the devices, assemble, test, and deliver them directly to you or your customer."

StratEdge’s assembly services include eutectic or epoxy die attach, gold or aluminum wedge-to-wedge thermosonic wire bonding, lidding, lead trimming, marking, bulk packaging, and testing.

The BeO packages are available as part of StratEdge's new high power product family. Materials used in these packages have matched coefficients of expansion to mitigate the inherent stresses of brazing dissimilar materials together. StratEdge packages are capable of passing MIL-STD 883 fine and gross hermeticity testing and meet RoHS and WEEE compliance standards.

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