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3 March 2009


SemiLEDs and Nichia settle LED patent dispute

LED maker Nichia Corp of Anan, Tokushima, Japan and Semi-Photonics Co Ltd of Boise, ID, USA, a subsidiary of SemiLEDs Corp USA, say that they have settled their patent case (case no. Hei 19 (wa) 10399) before the Osaka District Court.

SemiLEDs’ ‘metal vertical photon’ (Mvp) products are manufactured using what it claims is unique, patent-protected technology that provides a flexible copper alloy base for thermal and electrical conduction.

As a result of the settlement, Semi-Photonics Co Ltd has withdrawn the lawsuit against Nichia.

Last month, Nichia Corp and Korea’s Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd settled all litigation on patent and other issues as well as other legal disputes currently pending between them in the USA, Germany, Japan, the UK, and Korea.

The settlement includes a cross-license agreement covering certain LED and laser diode technologies, which will permit the firms to access all of each other’s patented technologies.

In accordance with the settlement terms, all litigation will be terminated as soon as possible by mutual withdrawals, with the exception of litigation in Germany involving patent DE 691-07-630 T2 of EP 0-437-385 B1, which will be resolved following a hearing in February.

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