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8 April 2009


Market for embedded pico-projector modules to exceed $1bn

With a potential addressable market measured in billions of units, market research firm In-Stat is forecasting that the pico-projector market will exceed $1.1bn within five years, according to its report ‘Embedded Picoprojectors Ready To Break Out Worldwide’ (#IN0904435WH, priced at $2495).

Companies offering pico-projectors include 3M, Displaytech, Foxxcon, Light Blue Optics, Oculon, Optoma, Microvision, Toshiba, and TI. The report covers products using pico-projector modules, including cell phones, computing devices, personal media players, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and accessory projectors. Cell phones and accessory projectors will lead the market, followed by computing devices and consumer products.

In particular, projector module economies of scale will expand the market for embedded picoprojectors to lower-priced cell phones and media players in the near future, reckons the market research firm. “As mobile devices add more multimedia capabilities, embedded picoprojectors can add a big-screen experience to a very small device,” says In-Stat analyst David Chamberlain. “Technological advances in miniaturization, signal processing, and light sources—including green laser—are making pico-projectors a realistic feature for small battery-powered devices like cell phones, media players, computing devices, and other consumer electronics,” he adds.

As well as MEMS and liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) displays, the report analyses developments in competing illumination technologies, with vendors offering both LED and laser technology. The green laser, in particular, is a critical development area.

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