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3 March 2008


TriQuint launches range of LDMOS silicon RF power transistors

In Shenzhen, at the 13th annual International IC-China (IIC) conference and exhibition (a four-city event in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai from 28 February to 11 March), TriQuint Semiconductor Inc of Hillsboto, OR, USA has launched its portfolio of RF power transistors based on LDMOS (laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor) silicon technology. The portfolio is available worldwide and in China through the firm’s Shenzhen and Shanghai offices as well as through Avnet Asia Pacific.

The new RF power transistor line includes products marketed previously by Peak Devices, Boulder, CO (acquired last August). RF power transistors based on silicon LDMOS remain among the most popular for signal amplification in RF systems due to their high linearity, gain and efficiency, combined with cost-effectiveness based on multiple developmental generations in the commercial market, TriQuint says.

The LDMOS-based devices added to the TriQuint portfolio cover frequencies from 865MHz to 2.7GHz with RF output power from 30W up to 180W. The new range supports the needs of wireless telecom base-station and MMDS (multi-channel multi-point distribution service) applications, offering a local source for manufacturers supporting China’s continued telecoms expansion.

The LDMOS power transistor line complements TriQuints's range of gallium arsenide transistors, amplifiers and switches as well as surface acoustic and bulk acoustic wave (SAW/BAW) filters for wireless handsets and networked RF communications applications already marketed throughout China. “Customers now have more choices: the cost-effective, high-performance of LDMOS as well as the advantages of highly efficient, highly linear GaAs devices that enable the RF engineer to simplify product decisions around customer needs,” says TriQuint’s Asia sales director Richard Lin.

Growth of China’s wireless networks continues to set records, says Triquint. China now has more mobile subscribers than most countries have citizens (330 million in mid-2007 and growing rapidly). Governmental decisions to encourage market entry by foreign vendors will bolster growth, according to an iSuppli research forecast last July that China’s 3G value-added services market will grow to $19.5bn in 2011.

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