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Darren Cummings (Email)
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Jon Craxford

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Company Profile


Semiconductor Today

Published 10 times a year by Juno Publishing and Media Solutions Ltd, an independent, specialist publisher, Semiconductor Today is the first
digital-only magazine for the compound
semiconductor and advanced silicon

It is Semiconductor Today’s mission to disseminate high-quality, timely, semiconductor-focussed editorial material to as wide an audience as possible and thereby increase the collective knowledge of the industry. Editorial content covers:

  • III-V materials such as GaAs, InP, and GaN.

  • II-VI materials such as CdHgTe and ZnSe.

  • IV-IV materials such as SiC and SiGe, as well
    as advanced silicon technology such as
    strained silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOI).

  • Applications include wireless communications,
    fiber-optic communications, light-emitting
    diodes (LEDs) and solar cells.

  • Close attention will be given to areas where
    the compound and advanced silicon industries

The team

Mark Telford (Semiconductor Today's Editor) Semiconductor Today‘s Editor, Mark Telford, has over 13 years experience editing publications covering compound semiconductor and silicon devices. This followed several years researching semiconductor materials and devices (via the UK’s Imperial College London, Surrey University, and British Telecom Research Laboratories). Mark is also the Publishing Director of Juno Publishing & Media Solutions Ltd.



Darren Cummings (Semiconductor Today's Commercial Director / Assistant Editor)Semiconductor Today‘s Commercial Director / Assistant Editor, Darren Cummings, has 12 years experience working on publications covering compound semiconductor materials and devices. His roles on semiconductor publications have included Business Manager, Equipment/Materials News Editor and Assistant Editor. Darren is Joint Managing Director of Juno Publishing & Media Solutions Ltd.




Jon Craxford (Semiconductor Today's Advertisement Manager)Semiconductor Today's Advertisement Manager, Jon Craxford, has been in UK and international media sales for 13 years.  He has worked on numerous business to business engineering titles, including a semiconductor magazine. Jon is also Joint Managing Director of Juno Publishing & Media Solutions Ltd.



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