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1 May 2019

UniversityWafer introduces AlN-on-sapphire and AlN-on-silicon wafers

UniversityWafer Inc of South Boston, MA, USA, along with its partners, has introduced a new line of 50.8mm, 100mm and 150mm UV-grade aluminium nitride (AlN) on c-plane single-side-polished (SSP) sapphire and AlN-on-silicon prime-grade for high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) templates.

A major use of AlN-on-sapphire are ultraviolet (UV) LEDs. Some of the most powerful applications include irradiating hospital rooms and foundry cleanrooms, since AlN-on-sapphire LEDs disinfect instruments and can purify air and water of germs and bacteria without using chemicals.

The electricity savings of using LEDs instead of traditional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) can reach 70%. Also, unlike CCFLs, AlN LEDs do not contain mercury, allowing more environmentally friendly disposal. AlN LEDs can also be used for non-line-of-sight communications.

Currently, the newest-generation AlN-on-sapphire LEDs technology is approaching 50,000 hours of life, compared with just 10,000 hours for existing AlN-on-sapphire LEDs. The cost saving will only increase with time, adds the firm.

UniversityWafer says that it carries a large inventory of AlN-on-sapphire substrates, and can also quote unique client specs in small quantities that make it feasible for budget-strapped researchers to obtain the substrates at a reasonable cost. Delivery time is also short, notes the firm. UniversityWafer hence caters to researchers who want both small quantities and short lead-times, with staff trained to handle even the most difficult low-volume requests.

For production, AlN-on-sapphire can be ramped up to meet a client’s demands in a timely and affordable manner, UniversityWafer adds.

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Visit:  www.universitywafer.com/aluminum-nitride-silicon.html

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