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9 July 2019

OEM Group launches Torrent Spray Acid Tool

In booth 531 at the SEMICON West 2019 event in San Francisco (9-11 July), OEM Group of Phoenix, AZ, USA (which supplies new and re-manufactured semiconductor capital equipment and upgrades focused on emerging markets) has introduced the Torrent Spray Acid Tool (SAT), a batch spray tool for wet etch and clean processes, featuring proprietary independent flow control nozzles, wafer-to-wafer repeatability, sealed PVDF tanks, Smart Parts intelligence and more for semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, optoelectronics, MEMS and compound semiconductors.

“Industry 4.0 is creating an inflection point for technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing and autonomous vehicles, increasing the demand for high-density devices, sensors and power electronics,” says president Spencer Wall. “As device dimensions continue to shrink, and varied technologies call for heterogeneous integration, best-in-class tools targeting back-end-of-line wafer-level processes are vital.”

Meeting the stringent specifications for wafer-level packaging processes such as under-bump metallization, redistribution layer patterning and backside wafer thinning at high volumes calls for advanced manufacturing equipment, says the firm. Specifically, for MEMS and compound semiconductors, 300mm process solutions for metal etch and polymer removal are in high demand, it adds.

“We designed the Torrent to meet the wet wafer processing production demands of today and for the future,” says global product marketing manager Rich Maduzia. “Based on the production-proven Semitool and Cintillio platforms, we added enhancements to expand the process window, created a more user-friendly interface, and improved controls by building in intelligence,” he adds. “We believe this tool to be the most advanced batch spray tool in the world.”

In addition to proprietary adjustable AccuFlow nozzles that control flow rates up to 40/lpm, the Torrent SAT features easy access to, and proper placement of, filters to eliminate gas locks that may impede flow. The process chamber was designed with improved drain channel output. The increased chamber depth eliminates the so-called first-wafer effect, which happens when the first few wafers run after idle time have less than optimal processing and must be scrapped, impacting yield.

Dynamic temperature control allows process temperature tuning from 0°C to 80°C. A common rotor design with inserts makes the Torrent suitable for bridge tools and fabs with multiple substrate sizes up to 300mm. Additional features include:

  • maintenance-free sealed tanks that eliminate the risk of internal tool leaks;
  • a pull-out PLC drawer for easy maintenance and troubleshooting;
  • next-generation software with a graphical user interface (GUI), and wide touchscreen capability when using Windows 10; and
  • an offline recipe editor and download, for easier recipe creation and editing.

The Torrent platform can also be configured for spray solvent applications.

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