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11 April 2013

QEOS unveils record-speed LEDs in its first commercial communications photonics products

Quantum Electro Opto Systems (QEOS) of Cupertino, CA, USA, which focuses on the design and high-volume production of multi-Gb/s optical communications products, has launched its first commercially available OEM/ODM products. Founded in 2008 by CEO Dr Gabriel Walter and professors Nick Holonyak Jr and Milton Feng (inventors of the Tilted Charge Light Emitting Transistor at the University of Illinois), QEOS has developed patented QEOS Tilted Charge Dynamics light-emitting technology, which forms the basis of the firm’s new high-speed LEDs.

QEOS says that the technology enables it to develop products of lower total power consumption, smaller size, and lower cost compared to traditional multi-gigabit short-distance optical transmission products. The record-speed LED is 10 times faster than the traditional LEDs in the market, reckons CEO Dr Gabriel Walter. “And the products we’re introducing are a fraction of the size, power, and cost of traditional laser-based products with the comparable functionality,” he adds. “With the transistor structure, various new integrated optical and electronic functions can be realized that are not possible with the existing optical technology.”

Bringing its Tilted Charge Dynamics technology to market for the first time, the firm has introduced its QEOS Optical Transceiver Kit, which consists of the new QEOS Transmitter Optical Full Assembly (TOFA) designed to operate with the new QEOS Receiver Optical Full Assembly (ROFA). The kit provides a low-power, low-cost product-ready 3.5Gbps solution for distances up to 100m.

Picture: (left) QEOS Transmitter Optical Full Assembly (TOFA). (right) Size of existing optical transmitter compared with QEOS TOFA.

Also unveiled is a higher-speed QEOS TOFA, an ultra-low power consumption, high-speed optical transmitter operating at up to 6.5GHz (designed for 10Gbps applications) and available later this year.

All TOFAs and ROFAs are ‘full-function’ assemblies. QEOS says that, due to their lower cost and power consumption, the Titled Charge Dynamics high-speed technology-enabled products can be used for active optical cables (AOCs), interconnecting computers, board-to-board interconnects and in power-sensitive portable applications.

QEOS says that its products aim to expand the use of optical technology for multimedia, audio/video and IT applications in the consumer, residential and commercial markets. “This technology can be used to support a range of transmission interfaces such as USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Thunderbolt, Infiniband, and also communications within portable devices,” says chairman Raymond Chin. "Our lower-power-consumption and lower-cost products open up the market for new and expanded use of optical communications in data centers, and for industrial, commercial and residential optical connectivity.”

The QEOS Optical Transceiver Kit will soon be available for sampling, and the higher-speed QEOS TOFA will be available later this year.

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